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The Joy of Sacrifice, The Joy of Eid

The Joy of Sacrifice, The Joy of Eid

Donate your share of beef to be sacrificed and distributed among the poor on the day of the upcoming Eid al-Adha on July 10, 2022. Donation information: Phone number: (+88) 01325406680 bKash/Nagad account: (+88) 01721352157 (reference code: "Joy of E...

Season of Sacrifice 2020

The Season of Sacrifice, 2020

On the day of Eid al Adha, the Muslim community sacrifices animals and donate their meat, but due to the current global epidemic and the deteriorating flood situation in Bangladesh, many low and middle income people will not be able to share the joy ...

COVID 19 event

COVID-19: Stand Up for Unprivileged

"COVID-19: Stand Up for Unprivileged" calls for urgent support from the capable to contribute with what they could afford to donate in order to help those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in meeting daily needs. A high proportion of people from the ...

Making Iftar With Them 2019

Making Iftar With Them, 2019

The annual iftar event hosted by Runner Bangladesh Development Society is a means of instilling a sense of endearment and integration among the disadvantaged classes of society....

12th International Student Summit banner

12th International Student Summit, 2019

More than 2000 foreign students are studying in different public and private universities of Bangladesh. Bangladesh which is considered to be an emerging tiger in the South Asian economy is attracting students from abroad. Quality study in lesser edu...

Making Iftar With Them, 2018

Making Iftar With Them, 2018

Aiming to put a smile on the faces of children without families, the 'Making Iftar With Them' event of 2018 will be held at Taqwa School for Orphans in Dhaka where orphaned and family-less children and Runner Bangladesh volunteers will break their da...

Making Eid Day for 'Them', 2017

Making Eid Day for 'Them', 2017

Eid brings a day of laughter for almost everyone and a pale face of pain for some people. Even if everyone is happy, those who do not have the good fortune to wear a new dress or do not have the opportunity to have a some good food, the festival of E...